Safety Measures In Place Canadian Gambling

Safety Measures In Place Canadian Gambling  –  Gambling has fast become one of the most popular pass-times on a global scale. What attracts people to gambling might vary but the concerns that most gamblers have are quite similar. It centres on safety and security. Fortunately, there are innovators in the industry that strive to revolutionize safety. One such great mind is Jeff Jonas who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of land-based and online security for casinos. There are authority bodies all over the world that protect the integrity of clients, with operator safety playing second fiddle paito singapore.

Brick-and-Mortar Establishment Security
Specialist Jeff Jonas created his own company named Nora. The development team worked tirelessly to perfect mechanisms aimed at increasing the protection of casino operators. Jonas sold the company to IBM in 2005. The technology provided by the company was created to study the relationship between casino players and croupiers. The system is called Nora, after the company, and has single-handedly made the gambling business more profitable. The system calculates how much of a threat a player is to the casino’s profit based on how much each player spends, how efficient they are, and whether a risky client should continue to visit the establishment paito warna hongkong.

Online Casino Security
While the land-based security innovation is impressive, it doesn’t compare to the online security that Jones and his team created. Jeff teamed up with IBM and multiple other software development companies to develop Nora 2.0. The technology works through networks and self-learning algorithms and aims to find potential threats and malware that unscrupulous third-parties might try to put on the platform. Nora 2.0 has successfully become a key player in the regulation of the online gambling industry, having prevented 3000 attacks on servers that contain casino software for 2020 alone.

Future Prospects for the Technology
The land-based casino industry has shown signs of integrating Nora in as many locations as possible globally. While many casinos once spent millions of dollars on new tables and improving offers, the forward-thinking operator has moved towards installing technology that safeguards them from threats. Nora 2.0 does not need any manual updates to the system and is completely autonomous. The simplicity of installing Nora 2.0 and having the program run seamlessly in the background has led many experts to believe that it will be integrated into anti-cheating precautionary measures. The potential of Nora 2.0 is currently being tested, with big names in online video gaming showing more and more interest in what it has to offer paito warna sydney.

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